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Scrape Armor Bumper Protection - Dodge Charger (SRT-8 / Hellcat / Daytona / Scat Pack) 2015-2018

    Front Bumper Scrape Protection Engineered For Your Ground Hugging Charger

    Fits these Charger models:

    • Daytona
    • SRT-8
    • Hellcat
    • Scat Pack

    Win the daily battle with steeply angled driveways, speed bumps, and parking curbs. The Scrape Armor skid plate style protection panel prevents costly damage to your ground-hugging Dodge Charger.  

    “Just installed on a 2017 Dodge Charger Daytona. This was the easiest installation I have ever done. This product is amazing, protects the entire bottom of your spoiler. If you own a Charger, this is a must-have.”

    Scrape Armor provides durable front bumper scrape protection and prevents your front bumper from getting caught on parking curbs. It covers existing damage without changing the dynamic look of your front end. Because of our digital design process, the sleek, lightweight panel offers unparalleled protection and a perfect fit. The Scrape Armor protection panel comes with complete installation kit and instructions.

    Advantages of the Scrape Armor Protection Panel:
    • Prevents expensive damage to your front bumper
    • Covers existing damage
    • Lightweight and sleek
    • Digital design process ensures a precision fit
    • Proprietary technology offers the best protection
    • Includes everything needed for an easy installation
    At Scrape Armor, we’re as passionate about your Charger as you are. We've spent years designing and perfecting the Scrape Armor system, producing a superior quality protective panel for years of worry-free driving enjoyment.

    “Nice Charger! Have you Scrape Armored?”

    Download Installation Guide

    Scrape Armor Technology

    The technology built into Scrape Armor is engineered to protect from the ground up. We could have used an inferior, low-grade plastic sheet and cut it to size. While that may offer some low level of protection, it decreases the already minimal clearance and can easily catch on parking curbs causing far more damage than it prevents. The brittle nature of a low-level plastic is stiff and prone to cracking, exactly the opposite of what automotive engineers have built into your flexible bumper material. Scrape Armor uses a superior grade polymer designed to reduce friction and absorb the abuse of roads and curbs.


    Our Promise
    Scrape Armor is committed to protecting your Charger for as long as you own it. If you manage to wear one of our front protection panels to half its original thickness (trust us that's hard to do), Send us a photo and proof of purchase and we will send you a replacement.

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