Kent's Ferrari California

November 16, 2016

 As a software engineer living in Thousand Oaks, California, Kent works hard. And he plays hard too.  So he rewarded himself with a sweet red Ferrari California. But the reality is that when you live in a suburban area, there are a ton of obstacles along the way to that beautiful highway 101.

Kent dodges potholes in his subdivision and on the way to work. Construction sites leave dug up asphalt and bits of debris everywhere he drives. Rock blasting along Highway 101 sometimes means unexpected hazards turn up in his path. And then there's the steep driveway and parking blocks at work…
"I love my Ferrari but the roads here are awful, and compared to a bigger car like an SUV I can really feel it beating my car up," Kent said. So he decided to install Scrape Armor along the front end to keep all the trouble from ruining his present to himself.
For Kent, Scrape Armor means he can test the limits of the of his Ferrari's performance without risking any damage if something pops up from the road. "I know I can get my car detailed anytime so it looks good. But Scrape Armor works on the parts I don't ordinarily see."